Bahá’í Links

This list is intended to feature active, maintained sites about the Bahá’í Faith. I use this list to keep up with Bahá’í affairs.


Information Resources

These sites are general information resources with no particular axe to grind.


Bahá’í Library Online An invaluable resource for open minds.
Bahá’í Reference Library The authoritative collection of authoritative Bahá’í literature.
H-Bahai H-Bahai encourages scholarly discussion of the culture and history of millenarian and/or esoteric religious traditions originating in modern Iran, such as Shaykhism, Babism and the Baha’i faith, and makes available diverse bibliographical, research, and teaching aids.


Mainstream Bahá’ís


One Country Newsletter of the Bahá’í International Community
Bahá’í World News Service The official news outlet of the Bahá’í community
The Ruhi Institute The Bahá’í think-tank for Indoctrination and Evangelism (or so I’ve been told) A popular, mainstream blog with a large number of contributors.
Baha’i Blog A popular, mainstream blog with a large number of contributors.
Baha’i Blog YouTube Channel Baha’i Blog’s YouTube Channel




Baha’i Rants The blog of an outspoken Bahá’í who has posted anonymously to remain a Bahá’í in good standing.


De-Haifanated Bahá’ís


These are pages produced by believing Bahá’ís of the dominant Haifan school who are suffering from varying degrees of disillusionment and exile. Also known as “Liberals” and “Academics”.

Sen McGlinn’s blog Reflections on the Bahai teachings and community, by a Baha’i who was expelled for discussing theology and for making a case against Baha’i theocracy.
Windflower Translations English translations of Bahá’í scripture by expelled Bahá’í Alison Marshall.
Meditations on Baha’u’llah Bahá’í thoughts by expelled Bahá’í Alison Marshall.


Orthodox Bahá’ís (Roswell group)


Orthodox Bahá’í Faith Documentation concerning the Orthodox Faith of Baha’u’llah with the continuing Guardianship of the Faith.
True Bahá’í A portal to the teachings of the Orthodox Bahá’í Faith.