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Welcome to  the legendary fountain of doubt for wayward Bahá’ís since 1997.

I was born and raised in a devout Bahá’í family, and this is my blog for all things Bahá’í.

Dan at Tunnel Meadow Corral

Dan at Tunnel Meadow Corral

Though I have been an unbeliever since 1988, my parents, surviving siblings, and some friends from the past remain Bahá’ís, so the subject tends to come up from time to time, less and less often as time goes by.

In a sense, I suppose I’ll always remain a Bahá’í, but also a pantheist and a skeptic who disagrees with the very foundations of Bahá’í belief. In more positive terms, I have found the ancient Zoroastrian religion more amenable to my sense of morality/beauty in the “physical” world, with further encouragement from a spate of compatible thinkers such as Heraclitus and Thoreau.

In recent years I have tired of blogging about Bahá’í matters, so this blog has fallen into disuse, but you never know when it my be momentarily revived.

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